Dezso Modos

Dezso Modos
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I am Dezso and I am a senior research associate in the Korcsmaros lab. I lead the systems biology arm of the group. My main interests are inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis and network medicine. I try to understand how the concert of single nucleotide polymorphisms affect various intra and intercellular signalling events leading to inflammatory bowel disease.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in inflammatory bowel disease are often in the non-coding region of the genome. We developed a tool called iSNP ( which can map these single nucleotide polymorphisms to regulatory regions. The SNP affected genes can be the sources, from which a signalling network paints the patient specific pathogenetic pathways. These signalling pathways helped to understand ulcerative colitis pathogenesis better.

I have completed my medical degree at Semmelweis University. Besides my medical studies I completed a minor in bionics at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. During that time, I got interested in computational systems biology and met with Tamas. Later I got my PhD at the Semmelweis University about network biology. My main focus was the intracellular signalling network in cancer and understanding the role of paralogues in signalling.

After my PhD I moved to Cambridge and learned cheminformatics. I used network biology to understand and predict compound synergy in cancer and in traditional chinese medicine.

My hobbies are reading and writing sci fi and fantasy stories, Magic the Gathering trading card game and martial arts, currently ninjutsu.

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